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BMO Surveying


Project Management

Leading and taking control of refurbishment, new build, extension, fit-out, alteration, repair and improvement projects; focused on achieving the objectives of time, cost and quality. We will assemble the professional team on behalf of the client, develop the project brief and design concepts, liaise with statutory bodies and third parties, prepare and submit planning and building regulations applications, cost reporting, budgeting and tendering, risk mitigation, monitoring of the works on site and on delivery to oversee snagging, commissioning and handover.

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Contract Administration

Whether acting independently or as part of a client’s professional team we can advise and act on the client’s behalf to administer common forms of building contracts. Our role in administering a building contract will involve ensuring the client and the contractor comply with their legal obligations in the contract, issuing instructions to the contractor, valuing and certifying the works and certifying practical completion aspects of the project.

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CDM Advisor

When undertaking construction works, clients have a legal duty to comply with the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015. As the client’s appointed CDM Advisor we will guide the client through their legal obligations under the CDM Regulations 2015. We will gather information to incorporate into the pre-construction plan, liaise with designers and others in the client’s professional team to minimise the risk before, during and after construction, notify the HSE, advise on the selection of competent contractors, prepare the health and safety file and hand to the client at project completion.

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Measured Building Surveys

Whether clients are looking to confirm the floor area of a building for space utilisation, lease purposes or to extend/alter/reconfigure, the first step is to carry out a measured survey. From the survey, drawings are prepared which show ‘as existing’ floor plans, elevations and sections. We will gather the critical information to produce electronic CAD drawings for the client.

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Space Planning and Move Management

Helping clients to develop or improve their office environment by appraising their space requirements. Whether they are in an existing building or proposing to move to a new building, we can assist the client with office fit-out, refurbishment or relocation. We will manage their requirements from inception to completion.

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Planning Permission and Building Regulations Submissions

Having carried out a measured survey and reviewed how the building works we will prepare sketch design proposals for alterations and/or extensions to detailed working drawings, liaise with the local planning authority and building control bodies, prepare application forms, and design and access statements in readiness for submission.

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Project and Construction Monitoring

Looking for peace of mind?- funding organisations, landlords, tenants, investors or owner occupiers. We will focus on ensuring that the development or building works whether new build, extension or refurbishment are carried out and completed in accordance with the specification and drawings. From project inception to completion we will advise on project feasibility, costs, specifications, risk mitigation, carry out site inspections and report on the project against shortfalls, workmanship and quality.

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Party Wall Surveyor

Under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 those who want to carry out work to the party wall/structure or party fence line are known as the ‘Building Owner’ and those neighbours who are affected by the works are known as the ‘Adjoining Owner’. We can act as the Building Owner’s Surveyor or the Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor. We will review all proposals and advise you to ensure you comply with the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. Our role will involve liaising with the owner’s appointed surveyor, preparing and agreeing schedules of condition, putting awards in place and carrying out site inspections.

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Building Surveys

Clients need to be reassured that the property they are acquiring does not have any nasty surprises. A building survey provides an assessment of the current condition of a property prior to the client completing on its purchase or lease.  Our survey reports can be tailored to meet client’s individual requirements for all property types. We will provide clear advice on the condition of the property, identify defects and their remedial actions along with costs of work. We focus on ensuring that clients have peace of mind to proceed with a sound investment or have room to negotiate with property sellers or landlords.

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Schedules of Condition

Helping tenants to limit their exposure when served with a schedule of dilapidations at lease expiry or to record the condition of a building/site prior to the commencement of adjacent building works.  A schedule of condition is a detailed report comprising of text and photographs which provides an accurate record of the true original condition of a building and/or site prior to the commencement of a lease or building works.

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Whether the client is a landlord or a tenant, we can act on their behalf to either prepare a schedule of dilapidations (landlord) or defend a claim for dilapidations (tenant).  Depending on which party we act for, our role can be to negotiate a financial settlement and/or oversee the repair, reinstatement and redecoration works.

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Condition Surveys / Planned and Preventative Maintenance

Establishing the condition of a building every 5, 7 or 10 years is essential so that clients can make financial arrangements for ongoing repairs and maintenance. The survey highlights issues in the building structure, fabric, services, etc. to ensure the effective management of any planned, preventative or reactive maintenance. We will conduct a survey of the property and prepare a report which highlights items of disrepair, prioritises repairs, forecasts and estimates the cost of existing and future repairs.

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Defects Analysis

When the fabric of a building has suffered from a technical failure or defect we will carry out an inspection to identify the failure or defect, diagnose the cause and where required we will work in conjunction with specialist consultants i.e. structural engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers to aid diagnosis. We will specify remedial action and manage completion of the repairs.

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Building Reinstatement Cost Assessments

Clients need to be sure that their properties whether of residential or commercial scale are adequately insured especially against fire damage. Reinstatement cost assessments are for building insurance purposes and are prepared to provide the client with a cost for reconstructing a property should the inevitable occur. We will carry out a survey of the building on behalf of the client and prepare a report utilising the latest data from Building Cost Information Service advising on the reinstatement cost.

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Disabled Access Audits

Service providers who are concerned with how well their building is performing in relation to ‘access and ease of use’ by people with physical or sensory disabilities need to bear in mind the Equality Act 2010. To help clients comply with the Act an access audit report will provide clear advice on the barriers that hinder access and ease of use of the building by potential users including those with a physical or sensory disability. Our report will focus on how people get around your site and building i.e. from the car park to the building entrance, entrance into the building, reception area, toilet facilities, doors and corridors.

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For further information on any of our services please contact us at bmosurveying@btconnect.com

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